Wind Turbine Stator and Rotors

Wind Power Generation

Sotek has been supplying power generation components across the globe for over 35 years. We pride ourselves on our contribution to renewable energy sources through the use of our efficient stators, rotors that many companies use in their wind turbines. Our world is making a push to increase our Green Footprint, enhancing the production of green power, renewable energy, and looking for more eco-friendly opportunities for power generation. Sotek is here to help accomplish that and to power the world with the production of wind power generation components for wind turbines. 

Sotek Stators & Rotors for Wind Turbine Installations

A wind turbine is used to harvest energy from the wind. The wind's kinetic energy turns the blades of the turbine. The turbine blades spin a shaft which turns the generator and converts winds energy into electricity. Wind turbines can be thought of like a household fan in reverse. Instead of consuming energy to power an electric motor shaft attached to fan blades which move air to keep us cool, the wind turns the turbine blades which turns the rotor portion of the generator, creating energy for use elsewhere powering our homes, charging electric vehicles, smartphones, lighting, warming and cooling our living space.

Stators and Rotors for Wind Energy Turbine Generators

A turbine's generator is housed in the nacelle, which is the aerodynamically shaped housing, perpendicular to the blades of the turbine. In addition to the generator, the nacelle is home for a variety of components depending on the style of the turbine, high-speed shaft, low-speed shaft, wind vane, wind vane controller, gearbox, pitch system, braking, etc. Sotek is the expert in OEM manufacturing Wind Turbine stators and rotors, the main components of the generator. If you need a skilled, experienced, efficient supplier of quality electrical steel laminations to build your wind power stators and rotors, and streamline your Wind Power Generation projects, Sotek is your answer.

Go Green!

Energy production is growing more and more green. Wind power projects are increasing rapidly. The price per kilowatt of electricity is decreasing. In this ever-changing, high-tech world, we look for ways not only to reduce costs but reduce our carbon footprint as well. We quite literally help power the world. So, how can we help power your project? Contact Sotek today to discuss efficient, timely, high-quality, cost-effective US manufacturing of stators and rotors for your wind power generator, along with related fabrication and assembly needs to streamline your operation, reduce time and costs.