Sotek Industries History


Sotek Inc. was founded in 1984. With 13 employees, our owner purchased the assets of the Tool Room from the Westinghouse Electric Corporations' Motor Divisions. Most of this equipment is still used today. Our initial business was concentrated in Western New York serving regional manufacturing facilities that required specialty tooling and dies. To this day we design, build, and maintain all tooling, dies, and fixtures that are used in the manufacture of our customer's products.

By 1987 we expanded our reach throughout the United States. Customers requested that we produce parts from the tooling we designed and built. Thus Belrix Industries was launched, we purchased our first stamping press, a 250 Ton Minster. The first contract we won was huge. Stamped armature laminations for drive motors in New York City subway cars. From the beginning, Sotek/Belrix has evolved into a global supplier of motor and generator parts and integrated value-added services. Parts including rotor and stator laminations, assembled rotor and stator cores, pole laminations, assemblies, vent plates, finger plates, and virtually any component used or service required in the manufacture of a motor or generator.

Our commitment to value has established Sotek/Belrix Industries as leaders in the industry for product quality, service excellence, and innovative value stream and processing solutions. We guarantee that our customers worldwide will receive the best overall value and quality, along with customer support individualized and tailored to meet their specific needs.