Stator and Rotor Assembly in Buffalo, NY

Laminations are just the beginning of a stator or rotor project. Sotek is your one-stop shop for custom-built motor and generator components. For over 35 years, we’ve supplied laminations, tooling, trusted traction motor and generator assembly, fabrication services, contract manufacturing across the nation and around the world. Over time, with normal use, stators and rotors in motors and generators experience normal wear and tear that requires specialized repair. Our build/rebuild experience and contract manufacturing for all major brands offer the utmost quality and value to your project and customer. 

Builds and Rebuilds

Sotek specializes in volume OEM stator and rotor builds and repair programs on major overhaul projects.  For new builds, all products are made in the U.S.A. During fleet repair and overhaul programs, all possible processes are completed in-house with our trusted technicians; this provides faster turnaround on your rebuilds to save you time and add value. If any of your components have passed the point of repair, Sotek also offers new stator and rotor builds.

Stator and Rotor Manufacturing and Assembly Our processes include:

  • Cleaning & Disassembly
  • Component Evaluation
  • Rotor Rebar
  • Stator Repair
  • Steel Restacking
  • Laser Cut or Stamped Laminations
  • Lamination, End Plate, Shaft Replacement
  • Lamination Sand and Recoat
  • Remanufacturing to Specifications

Get Stators or Rotors reworked for your OEM and Overhaul Projects 

Sotek is looking forward to taking on your fleets of locomotives and rapid transit, or motors for an entire plant! Whether you need all new stators and rotors, or an extreme overhaul of rebuilds, contact Sotek today to set up a program to expertly rebuild your components in an affordable and timely manner.