Powering The World With Supply Chain Management

35 years of leadership in manufacturing precision laminations, stators, and rotors used in motors and generators requires an effective, well-developed process. With clients all over the globe, it’s vital that their manufacturing needs are met efficiently and accurately. Sotek has perfected a process offering streamline manufacturing, timely processing, and delivery. Sotek’s experienced team solves problems, delivers value. No matter your market or supply chain needs, let’s talk about them. You can always expect:

Expert manufacturing 
Sotek/Belrix operations

Our supply chain management approach allows us to quickly and cost-effectively source materials & services required for your project, creating smooth, efficient integration of your needs. Working within our capable 80,000 square foot facility and network of value-added resources, we create efficient paths for each project and offer customized, flexible solutions to even the most demanding project requirements.

Whether your application is wind, hydro or traditional power generation, locomotive, rapid transit, defense, heavy industrial or remanufacturing of items for these industries, you can count on Sotek to save production and purchasing time while maintaining quality and adding value, all with a single purchase order. For example, if you need materials or components sourced, manufactured, machined, assembled or integrated for an electric drive system, Sotek is your one-stop shop!

We offer services including engineer-for-manufacturing, prototyping, customization, tool design, manufacture & maintenance, product assembly and sub-process as necessary to optimize your build. Partnering with a single, well-experienced industry-specific supplier like Sotek the best choice for your motor, generator manufacturing and remanufacturing needs.

Exceptional value

Beginning with 1 million pounds of silicon electrical steel inventory and buying power, effective and integrated in-house processing. Our supply partnerships work in unison. We have developed the best performers, offering quality, speed and value to enhance overall project performance.

Timely communication 

A well-functioning supply chain requires great communication. Timely communication drives the manufacturing process.
We pride ourselves in relationships, partnerships and the value that comes from the depth and breadth of our experience. When unforeseen issues arise, each link in the chain communicates and adjusts to skillfully, efficiently work through changes to the best possible outcomes.

Sotek offers trusted suppliers to support the products and services we provide. Our
suppliers understand the need for performance, delivery, and quality; achieved by connecting with you to ensure specifications and expectations are communicated and understood. We interface with our suppliers as a direct extension of your manufacturing needs to manage details and overhead. From raw material to finished product, customized and shaped to plug into your process. Sotek knows how to maximize value. This value-added service is what makes us the ideal manufacturing partner!

The chain reaction

Operating as part of your supply chain we are equipped to handle your manufacturing needs. Our processes are reliable and bring unique value to each customer relationship. After 35 years, our team and partners have the ability to meet the requirements of virtually any project. 

Sotek has an 80,00 square foot facility to guarantee a seamless, quality extension of your manufacturing. You can always expect friendly, personal service. We are passionate about our work, helping to power the world one project at a time. It's this easy to contact us to let us know how we can use our resources to help your project be successful!


It's this easy to contact us to let us know how we can use our resources to help your project be successful!